Dag Magnus Søyland Narvesen


DAMANA - Dag Magnus Narvesen oktett

Photo: Eyolf Dale

This is a band that basically functions as my musical and compositional playground. After a long compositional drought, I suddenly found myself with the urge to write music again, and what came out was music for eight musicians, which of course is a potential admin nightmare, but oh-my-goodness how fun the music plays!!!


Hayden Powell - trumpet

Kristoffer Kompen - trombone

Kristoffer Alberts - alto saxophone

Jørgen Mathisen - tenor saxophone

André Roligheten - baritone saxophone and bass clarinet

Øyvind Dale - piano

Adrian Myhr - double bass

Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums




Album reviews:


All About Jazz (English):

Narvesen, who wrote all the tunes, takes the big band tradition and gives it a smart contemporary twist. It's all done without irony or pastiche, and presents a coherent facade in spite of the stylistic diversity.


More please!

- John Sharpe


Jazz and Blues Blogspot - Music and More (English):

"The compositions on this album are fine and varied, offering a wide array of settings in which to express the band’s talent and they create music it is a uniformly interesting and moving experience."

- Tim Niland


Klassekampen (Norwegian daily newspaper):

Two out of ten reviewers picked Cornua Copiae as the Norwegian Record Release Of The Year:

Eirik Blegeberg's review of Cornua Copiae (Norwegian)

Chris Monsen's review of Cornua Copiae (Norwegian)


The Free Jazz Blog (English):

"Cornua Copiae is an exciting, ever-surprising work, one that will undoubtedly appeal to listeners who not only want their jazz to entertain, but to astound."

- Derek Stone


The Multikulti Project (Polish)

"A great team and brilliant - in my opinion - recording!"

- Józef Paprocki


Jazz i Norge (Norwegian)

"Damana combines intensity and elegance and offers healthy resistance."

-Arild R. Andersen


Salt Peanuts (Norwegian)

"I think it is all too rare that we hear well-arranged music for larger ensembles nowadays. [...] I hope that Narvesen gets the possibility to play numerous concerts with this ensemble, abundant with skilled, relatively young, Norwegian jazz musicians, who prove themselves yet again to be a part of the top shelf."

- Jan Granlie


Tor de Jazz (Norwegian)

"Dag Magnus Narvesen stands out as a new and very exciting name as a composer and bandleader."

- Tor Hammerø


Outward Bound Hatena Blog (Japanese)




Concert reviews:


Salt Peanuts (Norwegian)