Dag Magnus Søyland Narvesen



Photo: Sabine Herpich

Among other things that has happen since my days in Berlin began, this constellation from international improvisers has emerged as a regular group. The music is experimental and improvised and the group features:


Harri Sjöström - saxophones

Adam Pultz Melbye - double bass

Emilio Gordoa - vibraphone

Achim Kaufmann - piano

Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums


This quintet plays with a broad range of sounds and have the characteristic to be very dynamic. We use an extended language allowing us to move from different styles as free jazz or explosive avant-garde music, as well as free improvisation with soft noises and complex sonorities. Unexpected, spontaneous, fresh, surprising and seductive. Good fun!


Web: http://move-quintet.weebly.com


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