Past projects

Dag Magnus Søyland Narvesen


Past projects

Gunhild Seim & Time Jungle

Gunhild Seim is a very versatile and excellent composer and trumpet player who gave me a unique oppurtunity to join her band Time Jungle back in 2005. Since then, the core of the band has consisted of Gunhild on the trumpet, Arild Hoem on the alto saxophone, John Lilja on the double bass and myself on the drums. The group has released three albums, all with different guests such as Marilyn Crispell, Odd Børge Sagland and Andrew D'angelo.




When the renowned improvised music festival in Oslo facilitated our first meeting ever during their 2010-festival, magic happened. And when magic happens, you kind of want to make it happen again. And so it did...

The trio consisting of Johannes Bauer (trombone), Stine Janvin Motland (voice) and myself (drums and percussion) was an absolute joy to be playing in.


Blå Swix

I had an urge to work in a trio with musicians that in my opinion offers a different approach to free improvised music, musicians who are not afraid of choosing the harder way and are able to think and play in a very conscious compositional way. Although there are very many musicians in the field who fit that description, my choice was Klaus Ellerhusen Holm (reeds) and Øyvind Storesund (double bass). Øyvind's melodic and versatile way of playing the bass while he remains true to the role of his instrument combined with Klaus' timbral and contemporary approach, creates a great musical universe for us to explore and enjoy.



A jazz quintet that functioned as my former compositional playground with Thomas Johansson (trumpet), Arild Hoem (alto saxophone), André Roligheten (reeds), Magnus Rød Haugland (double bass) and myself.