Dag Magnus Narvesen

Drummer - Improviser - Composer

Photo: Cristina Marx


The Gift, the debut album of Bauer/Bauer/Narvesen Trio, is now out on NoBusiness Records!

The second album by Schlippenbach/Narvesen Duo, Liminal Field, is now available on Not Two Records!

Available online and at our concerts!

This is a real pearl!

The Balderin Sali Variations from Soundscapes & Soundportraits Festival - Helsinki 2018 is now out on Leo Records!

An honour to be playing with some of the most distinguished improvising musicians of our time!

Thanks to Harri Sjöström for putting it all together!

NEW RELEASE by Up & Out Quintet on Amirani Records out now!

NOCZ (with choir) has just released Sailor on Dry Land on Hevhetia Records! Check it out!

Thema Prima, the debut album of Aki Takase's JAPANIC is now released on BMC Records! Lots and lots of great reviews already, both in German and English! Google the reviews and have a read about this super band here and here.

A rare unexpected treat was just released on FMR Records: The first concert I ever did with Norwegian grand master and improvisation pioneer Frode Gjerstad in our hometown Stavanger, Norway back in November 2018 is now available on record. Check out our first reviews here.

Anthony Pateras is releasing a 5-CD box of  collected works on Immediata Records. Very proud to be a part of the collaboration between him and Kitchen Orchestra on his piece "Decay of Logic [For RD]" (2017). Read more here!

I'm very excited about the new emerging duo of Emilio Gordoa and myself. Read and listen to Gordoa/Narvesen Duo here.

The exclusive limited edition LP Interweaving by Schlippenbach/Narvesen Duo is now available on Not Two Records and at our concerts! This record will not be available in any digital format on disc or online, but two online tracks from the same recording session can be listened to here. The sample tracks are only available online.

Here you can read the reviews.