Dag Magnus Narvesen

Drummer - Improviser - Composer

Photo: Cristina Marx



The album "Forte" by Aki Takase Japanic is out now! Listen and get it here!

The debut album "Substantial Myths" of the quartet with Emilio Gordoa, Don Malfon, John Edwards and myself is now out on the exciting Polish label Fundacja Słuchaj! It is a live recording from a concert we did at Artacts Festival some years ago. 

Very proud and grateful that this is now available! 

Please give it a listen on bandcamp.

The album "Curcuit" by Kosack/Amadou/Narvesen was released on the label Pattern Dissection on 22nd October 2021. Exclusively available on high quality vinyl or bandcamp. Check it out here!

Move quintet released a really amazing and special album back in 2017, and now our live performance oat the Moers Festival in 2019 is finally out! This exciting, relaxing, textured, melodic, layered instant composed jewel is now available on the great Polish label Fundacja Słuchaj! Have a listen here. Hope you'll enjoy it! 

Happy to announce that my octet DAMANA has gotten two new crew members onboard for future musical adventures: The amazing Klaus Holm will breathe some serious depth from the baritone saxophone and bass clarinet. The young and upcoming solid-as-a-rock trumpeter Lyder Øvreås Røed will take care of the upper part of the wind spectrum and I am very excited to hear what these players will be bringing to my music!

In the same breath, I would like to extend a warm thank you to my dear friends André Roligheten and Hayden Powell, without whom the journey so far would have not been possible. 

The Gift, the debut album of Bauer/Bauer/Narvesen Trio, is now out on NoBusiness Records!

The second album by Schlippenbach/Narvesen Duo, Liminal Field, is now available on Not Two Records!

Available online and at our concerts!

This is a real pearl!